Wedding Seed Packets

Our wedding seed packets are unique seed packet favors to present to your guests. Many of our packets are full ink design, something you will not find much on other shops. These are one of our staple products we have been selling since 1999 and we have thousands of satisfied brides that have given these to their guests as favors.

We offer sunflower and wildflower seeds for most of our designs. Here are the seeds you will find in the wildflower mix. Baby's breath, Dwarf Cornflower, Tall Cornflower, Red Corn Poppy, Lance Leaf, wild cosmos, California poppy, blanket lower, black eyed susan, wild perennial, purple cornflower, russel lupine, plains coreopsis, Siberian wallflower, blue flax, scarlet flax, Drummond phlox, gloriosa daisy.