3 Unique Beach Wedding Ideas

So you are thinking of having your special day at the beach? Great choice! A beach wedding will provide great memories with beautiful views whether you choose a ceremony on the beach itself, or a sea side reception. As you plan for the event, incorporating beach themed favors and décor will be necessary and we have put together some unique ideas to help out.


The ceremony is of course the focal point of the wedding and you want it to not only look amazing with your décor, but incorporating a sand ceremony will provide beachy décor you can use as part of the ceremony. You can also incorporate others into a sand ceremony in the case of blended families, children, or anyone else you want to be directly involved. Simply choose a color for each family and take turns pouring the sand into the centerpiece as the two become one. Looks nice displayed in your home as well. Several different styles to choose from


 Seed Paper Hearts

Why throw confetti or regular flower petals when you can have these seed hearts? These are plantable paper hearts that are eco friendly and your guests can take them and plant them after the event. They also provide a nice contrast to the sand or the runner being used to walk on.


Seed Packets

Another eco friendly wedding favor to give at the reception or as people arrive. There are several beachy designs and of course these are personalized for your guests. Wildflower or sunflower seeds are available inside the packets. This is a fantastic favor because your guests can actually use these at their home and remember your event for years to come as the flowers grow.


When you decide to have a beach wedding you are going to want favors and/or centerpieces that add to the experience. These items and others in our store at favoruniverse.com or favoruniverse.store are sure to get you on the right track for creating the unique beach wedding experience you are looking for.