Baby Shower Seed Packets with Burlap and Lace and Large Sunflower

Choose this seed packet with a cute sunflower burlap and lace design for your personalized baby shower favors

Product Description :

The paper packets are approx 4" X 2 3/4"

These packets will feature a cute sunflower burlap and lace design as shown. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS JUST A DESIGN ON THE PACKET- NOT ACTUAL BURLAP AND LACE OR STRING. They are solid, card stock seed packets. So classy and sweet!

Personalization :
We will customize each seed packet with the expectant mother's first name and shower date. (we can also include the father's name if this is a Jack and Jill shower) The sentiment will also be included ( A BABY IS BLOOMING) unless otherwise noted. Your customization is printed right on the packet and the seeds are sealed inside (like a normal packet)

Overview :
We also use 100% SUNFLOWERS- NO FILLERS for a quality product! These seeds will last for several years when stored under the proper conditions  ( away from extreme heat/cold as well as away from moisture).


Ordering :
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