Plantable woodland baby shower favors

Introducing our plantable baby shower favors with a charming woodland theme - the perfect way to celebrate your upcoming bundle of joy!

These adorable favors come in the shape of tiny woodland creatures such as foxes, owls, rabbits or bears made from eco-friendly paper embedded with wildflower seeds. Each guest can take one home and plant it in their garden or a pot and watch as beautiful wildflowers bloom in honor of your new little one's arrival.

Not only are these favors a unique and sustainable way to thank your guests for joining you in your celebration, but they also promote a love for nature and the environment. And with a woodland theme, they're sure to complement any rustic or outdoorsy baby shower decor.

Just soak the paper in water overnight and plant about 1/4" deep. keep watered for 4-6 weeks and watch your seed grow!

These shapes are made from seed embedded paper and are ready for your guests to PLANT DIRECTLY IN THE GROUND!

Each shape is just shy of 2" X 2" a the widest points, the shapes are then attached to a personalized card ( measuring approx 5"H X 3"W) and printed with your information

How to order

Select your card color, quantity, seed paper shape and color from the selections provided.
Leave your personalization info including names and date in the space provided.

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